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We offer you for free everything you need to start your wedding adventure!


→    Bring your own style to the space! We have a variety of decorations.


→    Our professional wedding planners are here to help you. Just choose a theme!


→    You may choose the flowers that you like the most for the tables of the grooms and guests.


→   We offer a welcome drink for every guest.


→   Choose your favourite taste from our home-made cakes.


→   We provide almost 150 secure parking spaces.

Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding

According to the latest trends, traditional weddings are in great demand! Returning to rustic traditions and decors are chosen by more and more couples!
Wooden or rope details, lanterns, straw bales, field flowers, lavender, sunflower or bloom flower, all these make the difference and complete the theme of a traditional Romanian wedding picture.
The bride and the groom are wearing clothes and accessories of the popular harbor and welcome their guests with bread and salt, with the traditional Romanian “palinca” and “protap”, right on the pontoon of the Chandelier location.
If you want a festive party full of significance , then the traditional wedding is one of the best options.

Wedding Color Trends

Wedding Color Trends

We encourage colorful weddings!
The bride and groom can choose from a multitude of colors the one that will perfectly outline their love story! Starting from the bride’s bouquet, the floral arrangements on the guests’ tables and the ones on the presidium table and continuing with the cake decorations… we can play in all possible ways! The architectural and dynamic lights can also be personalized and set according to the desired colors, so that everything can be white, gold, purple, green or any other shade. Our wedding planners will make sure there will be a wonderful chromatic balance!

Nature Wedding

Nature Wedding

Bright green is a color that symbolizes the rebirth and new beginnings and is one of the most used themes for events! Inspired from the nature and with natural floral decorations, the whole set-up can have a great visual impact and will be highly appreciated by the guests. We can create sophisticated flowers corners, with versatile design elements that will catch the eyes and will be the perfect frame for inviting guests to take photos.

Movie Theme

Movie Theme

When it comes to movie-themed weddings, we like to compete with ourselves.
Our wedding planners can help you overcome the limits of your imagination and offer you a variety of ideas that can reproduce famous scenes from Oscar movies, from decoration elements to specific accessories for your guests. Our team advises each couple, finds out their preferences and presents them the most suitable and representative movie themes, from Great Gatsby, Casablanca, The Godfather, Superheroes, to Marry Poppins or Alice in Wonderland. Because at Chandelier, your wedding will turn out to be better than a movie.

Luxury Wedding

Luxury Wedding

Diamond shimmering, precious metals, spectacular lights, outstanding accessories…we have them all set for those attracted to the idea of a luxury-themed wedding. Our decorative designers welcome you with a variety of objects that will attract through elegance, refinement and quality. You and your guests will step on the red carpet and you will enter the glamorous atmosphere of a hall decorated with style, refinement and according to the latest trends in design.
We make our best to create a lovely and fun atmosphere, so engage guests with various luxury accessories, from objects adorned with crystals, to photo booths that complete the idea of the theme through various accessories, perfect to use in the moment of capturing photos.
Say “I DO” at Ballrooms by Bamboo!


We’ve Got You Covered

From private to corporate events, we are here to help you pull it all together!

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Say „I DO” at Ballrooms by Bamboo!

Organize your wedding in the middle of nature with the budget for you! The Chandelier Hall is located on the shores of Lake Tei and offers an exceptional view!

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